Easy Keyboard shortcuts in the Linux terminal

Here is the easy steps for Keyboard shortcuts:

Below we can see how to efficiently use our computer using keypad without using mouse.

Here we can see using the shortcuts in the terminal window.

Keyboard shortcuts:

1.Ctrl+a==>It defines (it goes ) the beginning of the line.

2.ctrl+e==>It goes to the end of the sentence(end=e)

3.Ctrl+d==>It will delete the letter above the cursor.

(Example )Linux is the best Operating System in the World. Others not 1.

Now if the cursor points on the number 1 at the end of line then this shortcut will delete the number 1.

now it shows the below:

Linux is the best Operating System in the World. Others not


4.Ctrl+f=>It will be move 1 charcter forwrd in the entire sentence.(F=Forward)

5.Ctrl+b==>It will be move 1 charcter backward in the entire sentence.(B=Backward)

6.Alt+f=>It will be move 1 word forward in the entire sentence.

7.Alt+b==>It will be move 1 word backward in the entire full sentence.

8.Alt+d==>It will erase or remove the word forward direction in the entire sentence.

(Ctrl+d ==> single word)

9.Ctrl+u==>It will be delete the entire sentence upto the begining( it will delete backward like backspace but it will be delete upto the beginning.

10.Ctrl+k=>It will delete the word upto the end of the line (will work like delelte key forward delete)

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