GNU/LINUX File system and its explanation

GNU/LINUX File system and its explanation:

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  1. Here we can se the the esstientials of Linux file system.It is the important role in the linux file system.

    Here all the datas are stored as Files.

These datas are may be the following data

it can be a machine language

It may be a inary data or

It may be a text files storedby the user.

Here we will see the commands to handle these types of file system.

And the very important term is Security in the file system.

Linuc provides a ultimate security for its user and their data.

Linux provides security that one’s program cannot be accessed by the another user.These can be handled in the file system section.

Here we can see the types of data used:

File system explanation:

Linux treated the related all data into a file.

Here we can see the file system.

Directory structure :


Linux File System structure
Linux File System structure

http :// redhatlinux 4 u . files . wordpress . com /2013/01/ linux _ file _ system . jpg


This is called as root directory.This is the root directory . We can approach other directories using the root directiory is the good way.

This root(/) directory can help to when we start our computer, it will load the kernal file using /boot directory(other directory) it will get the linux from the disk then it it load into the memory. This is commonly known as or helps to load the operating system into the PC.


Herre we can see the executables file in the directory..When we given any commands.linux can change those into any “C-programms” or the “Shell scripts”. Here we can see the executable files.


We can configure our computer using these configuraton files. We can see the configuration file under this directory.

We also see the user who use our computer and their files.
The directory contains files of the connected device .


4. /lib:

Here we can see the library files. These are the only used for programmers
Usiing the system calls we can use these files in our program.


For Input and output devices that we connected and the storage devices files can be found under this directory

…………………………………….To be contnued………………………………………………………

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